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How and when should I Book My Hotel Room?

We suggest you book as soon as you decide you'll be joining. Please note that our wedding falls over President's Day weekend and we anticipate things to be busier than normal. We suggest planning ahead and booking your stay early on!

As of January 2024, the rooms have all been booked up at Cabo Surf however. For suggestions on where to stay, please visit the "Travel Info" page for more details.

What should I do if I can't make it?

We understand and we'll miss having you there! If you cannot attend, we ask that you please RSVP "no" so we can plan accordingly.

attire/dress code?

We know it can be a pain to figure out what to wear. We also really don't care - you're on vacation, be comfortable and wear whatever you want! However - if you're looking for some guidance on what to wear on Friday and Saturday, here you go:

Friday Welcome Party Attire - "Coastal Chic"

Basically - think casual but still nice. Dressy but casual at the same time. Ladies - this could mean a fun dress or sundress, jumpsuit, etc. Guys - this could mean a tropical shirt and khakis, linen pants or a linen shirt, etc. A casual and fun vacation outfit. Wear whatever you're comfortable in!

Saturday Wedding Attire - "Cabo Cocktail"

Think "cocktail attire" with an option to spice it up! This could mean brighter/colorful cocktail dresses for the ladies, and guys - suits or linen pants/long sleeve shirts in lighter hues could work too! Suit jackets and ties are optional but not necessary.

Note: the ceremony will take place in the sand. There will be a "shoe valet" as you walk up to the ceremony, where you can store your shoes during the ceremony and grab them after.

We suggest bringing a light jacket for the evenings too just in case!

What's the forecast?

February in Cabo is typically mid-70's during the day and 60's at night. We suggest bringing a light jacket for the evenings just in case!

Does Cabo have Ubers?

Yes! Uber is available pretty much everywhere in Cabo, with the exception of SJD Airport. IMPORTANT: Uber is NOT available from SJD Airport (meaning Uber drivers are not allowed to pick you up from the airport). If you need airport transportation, please visit the "Travel Info" tab for more info 

Can I use USD in Mexico?

Yes. While peso is Mexico's national currency, USD is accepted pretty much everywhere (and you can use your credit/debit card at all establishments). Banks also offer currency exchanges during business hours. Universal ATMs are widely available for cash withdrawals at the current exchange rate, and most ATMs have menus in English. Note that ATMs will only dispense pesos.

Since Mexico is international, am I still able to use my phone?

Yes, Wifi is available at Cabo Surf Hotel and should be available at all other accommodations. While many cell providers offer international coverage, the best messaging app for communicating in Mexico is called WhatsApp. This is a free app that doesn't charge for international texts or calls.

If you need to make calls through WhatsApp to any Mexican establishments, be sure to include +52 before the number.

Can I drink the water in Mexico?

We suggest sticking to bottled or purified water in Mexico. However! Basically all restaurants and hotels only serve purified water (and yes, the ice is safe!)

Other questions?

Please call or text Amber. A good old-fashioned phone call will probably be the quickest route :)